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GUARDIAN LEGACY - Reflection of An Ancient Tree

GUARDIAN LEGACY - Reflection of An Ancient Tree

The fifth of seven bronze sculptures created by artist, Gerald Griffin for his "Paradigm Shift series. The artworks in this series were created as visual interpretations of original poems written by the artist over a period of twenty five years. 

This piece features a Black man standing with his hands behind his back tied with the American Flag . With his head down, he stands on an outlined platform of the African continent, The great pyramids of Egypt outlined in the sand. His face in anguish, as he reflects on a historical legacy stolen. And yet, present in his very being... For the fruit can only be a reflection of the tree from which it falls. 


    Medium:     Bronze

    Size:           8"  x 11" x 11"

    Year:          2019

    Series:        Paradigm Shift

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